Family Life

The Journey Begins


I’m Jayme, I’m 30 and this is a start of my own Mummy blog….

I have come across many fantastic mum blogs out there and my mum and husband told me I should give it a go …Here I am! And I really want to share the ups and downs of our life. We are now a family of four – me and my husband Daniel have two beautiful boys – CM 5 Years and QW 4 Months.

So… My blog – Well, I’m an avid over organiser, yet somehow we can be an unorganised family and as you know kids throw some great spanners in the works! Since QW has been born I feel like I’m learning half of it all over again on top of the 1 million and 1 things to do!

I’m always up for a bargain and love to share when I grab a good one, especially when my mum is the bargain Meister…I’m learning from the best!!

I love to do crafty bits, love a bit of home made, I try my best and hoping to share any of my makes with you.

Thank you for reading this little introduction and I hope you stick around for any fun, tips, tricks or madness that might unfold. Aiming to write once or twice a week at the moment while I learn the world of blogging.

Jayme x

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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