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Mr.Mole’s Birthday… a few home made party ideas

Mr.Mole turned 5 only a few weeks ago. I can’t believe how fast these past 5 years have gone and watching his younger brother reminds me so much of him as a baby. Oh and i have started calling the baby by Mr.Moles name by accident …oops!

We like the idea of the boys having a party each year but to be honest my nightmare is 30 kids running around with balloons everywhere. Plus we always have to keep his party within a budget.

This year in order to get his play-doh used and to get rid of some of it we arranged a
Play-doh party. After searching Pinterest I noticed in America these are a big thing!
We didn’t go all American Pinterest style, we went “rather English” – we hired a village hall and only invited 8 of his friends.

Goody Bags and make shift Balloon Arch
For the goody bags I used large brown bags. I stuck on a paper doily and wrote a thank you note in the middle. 
 Mr.Mole nagged me for a Balloon Arch
So this is my Balloon arch on a budget – I tied 3 or 4 balloons together with string then tied the bunches together.
I think we used 75 balloons all together and i actually tied them to the curtain in the Village Hall Window to stop it falling forward!
The play-doh sign is a small mat that came with a Play-doh set.

Thinking about Cake?…. The Cake
I can usually bake a half decent tasting cake …this time I well and truly messed it up!
I used a pre mixed bag of gluten free sponge and wanted to do a dripping style cake on the top. I had zero time to practice adding food colouring to white chocolate for the dripping so I tried to cheat and bought melting candy. After baking the chocolate sponge filling and covering with blue buttercream I cooled it in the fridge…and forgot about it over night!
Next day I melted the red candy melts and spooned over only for the melt to go hard straight away!! We ended up with a pretend spiderman “Lava” cake and bad result from cake in the fridge overnight the bottom sponge went as dry as a bone– poor kids had to eat that!

Happy Child … Happy Mamma!!

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