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Our Boy Turned 5!!

CM turned 5 only a few weeks ago. I can’t believe how fast these past 5 years have gone and watching QW reminds me so much of CM as a baby, I often call him CM by accident …oops!

We like to give CM a party each year but to be honest my nightmare is 30 kids running around with balloons everywhere. Plus he was born close to Christmas we always have to keep his party within a budget.

This year was the first year he could actually tell us what he really wanted and he asked to play with play-doh with his friends and have a tea party.

So we had a Play-doh party and after searching pinterest I noticed in America these are a big thing! We didnt go all American Pinterest style, we went “rather English” – we hired the village hall and invited 8 of his friends.

Party bits and bobs

I buy as I go in advance and get them cheap or reduced.

The Play-Doh in Argos is 2 for £15 – I bought – Play Doh Super Colour Kit and Play Doh Celebration Party Pack.
Table cloths,plastic cups and brown goody bags were cheap as chips on Ebay.

A few year ago I bought a banner you could personalise in home bargains and we use it every year and just change the age!
The party plates,cups, straws, banners and balloons, all from home bargains all under £1 each.

They had 45 minutes of play-doh play, which was great! the girls sat for most of it, the boys squished the play-doh into most of the cutters they could reach on the table and then ran around. After food, they played pass the parcel and musical statues, which is always brilliant to watch them try to cheat!

“Tea Party”
The kiddies ate pancakes, muffins, biscuits, fruit and yoghurt’s, all from Aldi!!They had squash or flavoured milk in teapots and little plastic smiley cups with handles and straws.

Goody Bags
I used large brown bags, filled with: A book each, a small toy, small tub of play doh, small bag of sweets, raisins and birthday cake.

 CM nagged me for a Balloon Arch
So this is my Balloon arch on a budget – i tied 3 or 4 balloons together with string then tied the bunches together.
I think we used 75 balloons all together and i actually tied them to the curtain to stop it falling forward!

Talking about Cake….The Cake
OH MY Days!!
I can usually bake a half decent tasting cake …this time I well and truly messed it up!
I used a pre mixed bag of gluten free sponge, and wanted to do a dripping style cake on the top. I had zero time to practice adding food colouring to white chocolate for the dripping so I tried to cheat and bought melting candy. After baking the chocolate sponge filling and covering with blue buttercream I cooled it in the fridge…and forgot about it over night!
Next day I melted the red candy melts and spooned over only for the melt to go hard straight away!! We ended up with a pretend spiderman “Lava” cake and bad result from cake in the fridge overnight the bottom sponge went as dry as a bone– bloody poor kids had to eat that!

Every year I have mum guilt for not buying enough presents, not having a huge party and added cake cock-up this year BUT CM always enjoys it…with or without dried up cake you could scrub the floor with!

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