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Mr Jealous Knickers

I remember me and Daniel planning to have our first child, the excitement and unknown!
Before we knew it I was pregnant and with a blink of an eye he was here and perfect in every way.
He was an “only” for 4 years and I never felt being an “only” was an issue but everyone else was quick to tell me it wasn’t right or fair on CM. I guess Mother nature agreed with what other people said, December 17 I found out I was expecting another baby, our second beautiful boy QW, also perfect in every way.

Even though CM is now 5 and is quite a clever little boy, he still doesn’t quite understand the new dynamics. He is a loving big brother and they light up each other all the time, its amazing to see. However, the green eyed monster is never far away!!

Welcome everybody…. Mr Jealous Knickers!!

This is what in my family has been the name for anyone with a bit of jealousy “Jealous Knickers!” we now have our very own and he can and will sprout up at any moment.

Why aren’t you doing that with me? — You don’t wear nappies son!!
Where’s mine? — Its baby food!!
I want baby toys! — you had them when you were a baby and now you got millions of toys of your own!?

Why don’t I have socks with rattles on — Because your 5 ….. maybe??
Awwee….Did you do that with me when I was little? — No we didn’t play with you son you were left bored for hours. Haha..of course we did!!

Jealous Knickers not only says the funniest things but will do some cracking things too, just to make himself well….more Jealous??
Put the baby to sleep, now time to play with CM. Don’t be silly, CM wants to be as loud and destructive as possible to wake up the baby within minutes and then proceed to moan at you for not having time to play with him, Obviously!!
Trying to change the babies nappy – expect a lolling 5 year old in the way.
Trying to Feed the baby, the older one will want to know where their snack is and nag you 50 thousand times for it.
Playing with the baby….don’t be silly!!!!!
(Quietly be thankful for time alone with Baby while 5 year old is in school)

Mr Jealous knickers can act out, we didn’t have terrible twos, a bit of threenager with attitude but we avoided big tantrums. Yet, no one said Temper Tantrums at 5 were even a thing??? I assume this is because he has a new role as a big brother? Or he is just trying to send me crazy hahaha!!!

We hope it is a “phase”, we are hoping with everything crossed it will at least get better over time. To help him understand we try to make sure he is part of QW’s every new stage, thankfully he loves to help out and be part of everything!
He loves finding us things we are looking for, so this is a big way to keep him involved and give him lots of praise. We have recently found ways to trick CM into playing with QW and now QW responds and laughs at him. This is success – for about 5 minutes but its magical..Honestly!!

And when I get those 10 minutes in the evening, as he goes to bed, I make these 10 minutes -CM’s 10 minutes. Reading a book, cwtching up and making each other laugh. Those few minutes each day are ours and Mr Jealous Knickers is no where to be seen!!

The first child will never know or understand …until/unless they become parents of more than one, that they had your undivided attention, they enjoyed YOU by themselves all the time.
The second child has to sort of “fit in” as a routine with the first is already established.

Jay Xx

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