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5 Easy Cleaning routine tips

The Feeling you get after cleaning the house!

I took the picture above from my Calendar as I thought the words were perfect for this post!!
With a great Christmas having family around, hosting for the first time and enjoying every bit of having us all home together (well i’m not saying i’m not happy its back to routine!)
The chocolates, biscuits and all things sweet are still in the house and…. I am definitely going to eat them!!
But, I do like to spend January having a good clean up and settling into a good routine. I try to stick to one to keep me sane. I don’t make any new years resolutions, as I never stick to them, if you have made some and can stick to them, I honestly envy you.

I have to admit I am a bit of a neat freak and I love order but in my house this isn’t possible, basically I am the only one who thinks like this, so I stand no chance!!
My tips below are my own way of keeping on top of it all.
In our busy lives running around and cleaning up after the kids…(and the husband) we sometimes lose time for other things and yet we look behind us and think “what on earth has happened, i’ve been working hard all day!?” and we are greeted by more mess.

Before Christmas I like to clean behind everything – hoover behind furniture, wipe the skirting boards behind big heavy furniture, give the windows a good clean and tackle the oven. Plus all those other areas we can easily forget about.
This for me makes a good start to the following years cleaning routine.

On a weekly basis i follow the steps below starting fresh in January and sticking to it until i make a new routine. Here is my latest cleaning routine with some helpful tips.

1.Write it down
Write down your routine or print it out, this will make you stick to your routine and delegate chores if you can. Give others their own jobs to do each week and specify days of the week if this is easier to fit around your life style and other things you have to do within the week. I stick mine on the fridge for everyone to see and I ask my husband to do the kitchen every evening after I have cooked the tea, this way I think it is fair and clear cut.
I also hate changing the bin – honestly I don’t know my hang up around the bin but I only do it when I have to, so this is also my husbands other daily chore (Yes daily …our kitchen is tiny, so our bin is not much bigger than a waste paper bin) and finally split your routine into daily, weekly and monthly chores if you can.

2.My daily chores
Make the Beds every morning. First job when fresh out of bed, it helps make the place look tidy and one small tasks always leads to many more.
The Kitchen – empty the dishwasher every morning, this way you can put in the breakfast items. Every evening after cooking and eating put the other items in the dishwasher, clean down the sides and cooker hob. If you are like me, this done quickly means more time to sit down and catch up on a TV series.
Empty the Bins. Put any clean clothing away and general picking up of any mess as you go.

3.My weekly chores
I like to delegate days to certain chores,
Hoovering every other day (I used to hoover daily but I realised life is too short, I have too much to do now and I don’t get time. I decided I cant spend all my days behind the damn hoover!!)
I dust on the days I hoover and I hoover upstairs and downstairs on different days, as downstairs needs hoovering more.
– Top Tip *High dust first, then dust furniture items and then dust visible skirting boards all before hoovering. This way any dirt and dust wont fall onto a freshly hoovered carpet.
Mirrors, I like to use polish to remove any marks from the mirrors, my mum prefers window cleaner – both work perfectly.
The Fridge is best cleaned the day before shopping day and I like to wipe down the cupboard doors and appliances on this day. Two boys equal sticky finger marks!
Bathroom can be cleaned twice a week, as we wipe it down after every bath or shower.
Mop twice a week, the areas to be mopped in our house are really small. If your house is little carpet mopping is best done after hoovering.
Change the beds on the weekend to wash and put away by Monday
I wash the clothes (constantly!) it feels like everyday at the moment, but I like my basket to be as empty as possible. Although I know some people have delegated washing days.

4.Monthly chores
Clean the windows, I actually like to use a bit of kitchen roll instead of a cloth here, as it doesn’t leave marks.
I like to run a cleaner through the appliances every month and I have found vinegar is great for the washing machine.
Check the walls for any marks to be wiped, again sticky finger marks and toy marks from two boys are my nemesis, so i like to keep on top of them!!
I also like to tackle the never ending paper work/letters
And i have to clean the pesky Oven!!

5.Other handy Tips
Never leave a room empty handed – If you can carry that item with you and put it away, it saves you so much time later on.
* If you struggle with that, then you could try this: on a cleaning day put a box or bag at the bottom of the stairs and everything that belongs upstairs put into the box/bag, when going up take it with you and repeat when upstairs. Everything that belongs upstairs pop in the box/bag and take downstairs when you finished.
* If having a big clean up day, I like to clean top to bottom. I find upstairs easier and quicker to clean plus upstairs there are less distractions. I take up the dusters, hoover and any other cleaning items. I start in the bathroom, work through bedrooms and then take all cleaning items downstairs. Once I have completed downstairs I finish by hoovering the stairs.

Below are my chores by day that I typed up recently.
I hope this helps you into your new year cleaning routine, as I know how hard it is to fit into the schedule of life!

(If all else fails and you have visitors, any mess to clear… chuck it all in the bedroom shut the door and worry about it another day, They will never know!!)

I am a big lover of tips, tricks and hacks so send yours this way, i’d love to hear them 🙂

Jay Xx

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