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Kids Clothes Bargain Haul – GAP!!

You know i love a Bargain and i always have to share!!
I thought i’d share a small extra Blog post today with my bargain at GAP outlet store in Gloucester Quays yesterday!

I love a bargain with kids clothes!!

So… the GAP outlet in Gloucester Quays has great deals anyway, but i noticed yesterday they had further reductions on the already reduced kids clothing.

I bagged the boys reversible padded coats at £6.99 each. I bought a big size for the baby so he can wear it next winter and CM is small, so i’m hoping his will still fit him next year to!

Excuse the blurry foot. CM was determined to be in a photo so i gave up and let the blurry
foot in!

The Jumpers and cardigans were £4.99 each, CM preferred the red jumper and i got the baby the cute checkered cardi – for next winter of course. Plus i picked up the little blue joggers for only £2.99!

If your near a GAP outlet … Get in there before its gone!

Jay Xx

(No advertising – notifying of bargains found)

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