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Cinema Trip

Hope your having a great week?
I thought i would share with you our Cinema trip that we had last weekend. If you read my “Christmas Burton’s Style” Blog Post, we gave CM a little bit of a unique pressie – A surprise day out every month.
link to blog:
The gift is a great way to spread not only a Christmas present but also the cost throughout the year. Effectively in cost and experience it is his biggest present, but as its our first time giving him this present i thought we could document the success or complete flat line, which ever it turns out to be.

CM eating snacks, QW mesmerized by the big screen.
Sorry about the poor camera quality!

On the 1st January CM opened the first card in his box – January, and inside the day out of the month was a Trip to the Cinema.
(Money saving tip to self: go for a cheaper day out in the first month)
He was really excited and couldn’t wait to go but seemed to think we were going to the cinema there and then.
I think we explained to him 6 times we don’t go on the day we open it, we see what it is to arrange it for another day in the month.
He pretended to understand and the next day asked me could he have the next card now!?
After another long explanation he sort of understood and didn’t ask again.

Last week we looked at what was on at the local Cinema’s and the prices. In the past we have gone to the kids mornings on a Sunday at Cineworld or Vue and it would cost less than £8 for the 3 of us, although the movies are usually a few months old.
This time we wanted to watch a new movie for his Christmas Pressie and i am thankful we looked around (ever one for saving a few quid!) Vue Cinema in Bristol has a great deal £4.99 movies, all day, every day. Any 2D movie, everyone is only £4.99 each.

We decided to watch Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph breaks the internet.
CM was like a bottle of pop, we took some snacks with us and went for the 11:30am screening, as we had QW with us.

We sat in the middle and there wasn’t many others there which was great!
The Movies was fab! We all enjoyed it, even QW was taken by the whole experience, he was so content. The movie was 2 hours long so we left just before 2pm.
The Cinema trip was a success and we reminded CM it was his first pressie from the “year of 12 days out box” and he was over the moon.
He said “i cant wait for my next one, next month!!”

Safe to say first one of the year was a hit!!

Plus it was handy going into Bristol, as i needed a trip to Ikea..
Not to sugar coat everything – He did get a bit over excited in the afternoon and turn into a tornado around Ikea! Blinking sugary snack high, which followed with a come down – tears at bedtime.

Jay Xx

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