Family Life

Just one of those weeks!

This last week has been just one of those weeks, you don’t know why… but you hated it!
Like a continual Monday Morning…urgh!

Ahh but that face make even the shitty weeks bearable!

The end of last week CM had a few wobbly days in school and I’m still unsure what caused it, but this week I felt compelled to remind him everyday how to be good and keep away from any naughty kids in class (the poor boys ears were chewed off) The teachers also felt It would be good to give me regular updates on how well behaved he had been this week.
I’m guessing the stress of wanting my son to show his best side had started to show on my face ha!
In the midst of this an ongoing situation with the catering company at the school caused a mix up and CM’s meals were …..well jacket potato!
Thank God for packed lunch, although I’m yet to be “creative” with these (note to self – never Instagram them again! Unobtainable!)

Also note to self…don’t put a big yoghurt and banana in his lunch box, apparently it doesn’t mix well for him and he vomits! I received a lovely bag of sicky clothes at pick up…noice!!

Another epic fail to add to the week – Me and Dan decided to swap one night, he put CM to bed and I put QW to bed. This caused a huge Meltdown! Feet stamping, shouting, stropping..the full works! CM is precious of our 10-20 minutes at bedtime and rightly so, but I never expected a tantrum. Needless to say I’m back to being his bedtime routine buddy and we will try again next week.

Friday he came home with the class hedgehog – a soft toy, thankfully not the real thing! He was so excited and I instantly thought “oh crap what do we do to make out the bloody hedgehog had a great time, so we don’t look boring” I had planned house stuff but I knew not all that would get done with our new guest on the weekend. What is it with the school cuddly toy bringing immense pressure and competitiveness? Or is it just me who thinks that? Unfortunately it rained heavy on the Saturday, we stayed in and played games… I warned you we were boring. We brought it back on Sunday though, Robinswood Hill Park. Not necessarily the best idea to try pushing the pushchair and ride a bike in the mud up hill but we made the most of it.

All these mad mummy moments this week were coupled with long days indoors. QW has a horrible Cold. It made him vomit a lot after feeds, soaking all of me, him and anything within arm’s reach. He has been bard with it to, a few sleepless nights and clingy all day. I decided not to take him out much to prevent the clean ups in public and stop him passing the horrid bug on. But I am terrible with staying indoors too much, literally a few days in and I feel like climbing the walls.
The school run just isn’t enough, I start feeling bad for avoiding baby groups. I keep thinking the poor bugger won’t have any friends (completely irrational he’s just turned 6 months….6 frigging months!! No friends…pah!)
I think I go a bit bat shit crazy …don’t get me wrong I don’t mind my own company but only in small doses.

And, as i mentioned QW turned 6 months. I cannot believe how fast it’s gone, so much so I could ball my eyes out! Here comes a whole new host of baby things. We decided this weekend to move his cot into his own room. Exciting and nerve wracking! Took me hours, I had to move so much stuff around even though his room was ready months ago. Why do I have so much stuff!?

Here we now Welcome his next chapter – moving around, WEANING, sitting up and babbling.

No wonder my emotions are like a well shaken cocktail.
Actually, yes, pass me the cocktails!

Jay Xx

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