Family Life

Mummy’s Bat Shit Crazy Moments!

Sometimes us mum’s feel like the world is balancing on our shoulders.
We are desperately trying to juggle everything, use our battered brain cells to remember everything and gripping on for dear life, finger nails and all, to our sanity!
Its no surprise to us ladies, the experience with the full stresses of life, when those learning curve balls of life come flying.

I would like to think those of you who follow and read my blog will come to realise i have my fair share (plus some) of all this! I used to think “what on earth did i do so bad in my previous life to be sending myself so much shit in this one?” But i soon realised its normal stress and its how we take it and deal with it that actually defines the situation.

The saying “it is ok, not to be ok!” Is true but my advice – don’t let the Not Ok go too far! When i gave birth to my 5 year old, i struggled to learn all these new responsibilities, together with understanding and managing his severe acid reflux. I actually felt alone in this big world. I felt my life sucked!
I couldn’t see how good i was as a mama to my boy, my emotions wouldn’t allow it. I didn’t understand why my organised life i lived before was now an unorganised type organised life.
When he turned one we had routines and I felt like myself again and noticed how good i was at parenting. Although the Bat Shit Crazy moments didn’t go away. Because they are part of life….Now he is 5 i like to teach him how to understand his emotions (i’m not saying i’m great at it….yet!! but i do try)

So here are my Crazy Moments i encounter regularly, well only a few i can’t write them all i’d be here a month of Sundays.
My biggest bug bear… Leaving the frigging house on time!
Like honestly why is it so hard? We never leave at the time we want to and if we ever have we actually celebrate it!
We agree a time to leave and when the time comes – “where’s your shoes son?” … “Dan why are you not dressed yet?” (Daniel is my husband by the way) “Arghh i forgot to put the nappies in the babies bag”
Half way down the road …”we forgot ….blah blah!” Turn around go get said item….Start again!
On school days we leave just on time. Some days we get there and as we are walking in, all the other parents are walking out! When he first started, I actually did manage to be on time for the whole 3 months!
You know i’m actually proud of this don’t you!

Another thing that sends me crazy is talking to closed ears.
When everything you ask ends with you asking in a shouty voice!
I am guilty of this and I hate this about myself. I am working on it but i haven’t learnt the secret to getting kids (and husband) to listen.
I honestly think i open my mouth and the radio comes out of it… half the time my 5 year old is so busy dancing and jumping around he doesn’t hear a word i say!

The record on repeat – Mum, Mummy, Mam, Mammy, Muuumm, MUM….MUMMMYYYY!!!
On a loop when your on the phone to the Doctor or talking to another adult (Yesss, i miss Adult conversation!!) or when your on the toilet, cooking, driving or having a bath. You get the picture! “Son can i just have 5 minutes please” … “Ok mummy”. 30 seconds later “But mummmyyyy….Daddy said”

The utter magicians who spend only a minute or two in the room you spent a good 30 minutes cleaning and suddenly.. TADAAA its now worse than it was before you started! I literally leave the room for a few minutes and Bam… the cushions are on the floor, toys spread out like ants, random clothes thrown around…i don’t even know where they come from?
And through a fake smile and gritted teeth i say “can you tidy this up please, i’ve just bloody cleaned it!”

and…. you know you have had some bat shit crazy moments when you hide in the bathroom for peace or quickly sneak off to eat cake or biscuits!

The list could go on but i wouldn’t want this to look like a moan, more of a short example of my Crazy Moments that we all experience, to let you know, your not alone!
I like to make light of it because in reality the little things, are the things that send us more crazy than anything.
I love my family, even though i think they love pushing my Crazy buttons!

So mum in your Crazy moments where you want to scream your head off, run outside for a mad moment, die of embarrassment at the mouth of your angel in public, join in your littlies tantrum for the hell of it because your day is shit too or when your hiding in the bathroom eating the last slice of cake. Your not alone ….i’m right there with you!!!

Chin up Sweet….one day their kids will send them Crazy!!
Jay Xx

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