Family Life

What I miss when being mummy

What do I miss now i am a mum?
Or should I say what I no longer do now I’m “adulting”

There is a lot of things I’m not ashamed to say I miss because I don’t do them at the moment while I’m busy being a mummy to my two beautiful boys!

It’s one of those subjects I find you try to talk about and people don’t like it to be admitted! They say “oh but aren’t you glad you got your lovely kids?” Or “but you wouldn’t change being a mum for the world now would you”
No I wouldn’t and I’m not saying I hate being a mum, just because I’m saying I miss a few things I did before I became a mum and started acting more like an adult. I clearly wasn’t very “adult” before I had my kids, although I thought I was.

Before we became Mammy & Daddy

I miss a good night out on the town. I haven’t done this for around two years (and i hadn’t been out out for at least two years before that) when i did i didn’t feel as relaxed as I used to. Because I’m a mum.
I miss having a few carefree drinks! Not looking at my phone worrying if the kids are OK or checking the time to release the babysitter of the duty of looking after our kids.
I miss being able to dance around without a care in the world, go to a festival and party like i used to. Hangovers that you could actually nurse the whole next day (however they now last several days!)

I miss randomly meeting up with friends, last minute arrangements. Without arranging babysitters and juggling each others diaries.
I miss those kinda Coffee dates or liquid lunches in the middle of the day and having a long funny adult conversation. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts more than constipation and your eyes stream.

I miss long mornings in bed and staying home watching trash TV.
Ordering pizza for Sunday lunch and eating cake at anytime of day without hiding to eat it!
Popping out to do shopping in the evening together and coming home late.
Going for a random drive to nowhere – When me and my husband started dating, we used to do this thing where i would say “lets get lost” and he would just drive and we wouldn’t know where we was going. We would just follow different road signs to areas we never heard of, it was great fun on a sunny day!

And although I LOVE family holidays, I miss childless holidays. I miss the hand in hand stroll on the beach and the cocktails at the pool with out lugging around the big bag of creams, beach sun shades, extra towels, wet wipes and spare clothes. (and i obviously miss the other childless holiday actions)

I love my kids more than life itself but it wont stop me from missing parts of my life I had before. I fully intend on doing these all again when my boys have grown up …i will never be too old for going out out, care free dancing or driving to nowhere!!

It’s not something to be ashamed of, its merely missing a few things you used to do. Once someone I knew who was only in their late twenties, said to me because they were a mum they were too old to go to a nightclub for drinks. They almost tried to make me feel bad for not feeling the same way!?
Well…i’m not! I am me and i miss a boogie in the night club and a childless holiday …and i will do all those things again. One day!

If you miss anything, what do you miss?

Jay Xx

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