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Day at the Aquarium!

Every month we have a day out as part of our CM’s Christmas Present.
We gave him a box of days out, one for each month of the year. On the first of each month he opens an envelope and we see where we are going that month. I decided to document each month to see how well or not so well it would go. February’s envelope – a day out at the Aquarium.

When he opened it he was excited and asked me to “take a swipey picture” – which is multiple pictures that make a short movie. After dancing around with his envelope proudly for the 6th time in front of my camera phone he then said “i don’t want to go to the Aquarium anyway – as I’ve been there before”
I was a bit crushed but just told him that was ok if her didn’t want to and we can wait until next months.
He later told me “I loved the one with the Pirate statute remember? Can we go there?” Which was Bristol Aquarium.

So we went there just before the mini February heatwave and before we went he honestly didn’t seem excited at all. But when we walked through the door he was like a bottle of pop.
He couldn’t wait to see all the fish and of course we had to read pretty much all the information at nearly every fish tank! (It all becomes mush of info overload and i sadly don’t remember much of it…brain cells be flagging!!)
He was terrified of the Octopus, which to me looked like a giant sagging ball bag if i’m honest! …No wonder he didn’t like it.

QW loved the whole first time at the Aquarium experience, i think it was quite sensory for him with the blue lights and big fish tanks. He really enjoyed watching the fish.

The 3 Amigo’s

It was good fun, Bristol Aquarium is not the biggest and i would say Birmingham is within easy reach for a slightly bigger experience with not too much in the cost if you have one of those 1 adult free ticket offers.
The best Aquarium i have been to in the UK is Plymouth but its a trek and we have only been once years ago – pre kids – when we were on holibobs down there.
There was a real life Mermaid at the Bristol Aquarium too.
We saw her there last time we went but both times CM has been too shy to talk to her and he is NEVER shy! … I think he has a mermaid crush!
Although we didn’t see the blinking Pirate statue there this time?, but thankfully he forgot about it!

Bit of Jelly Fish hypnotism here….

To keep the day cheap we stopped off at Morrison’s and grabbed a bite to eat in the cafe – we tend to go there for cheap meals when out and about.
We took drinks with us to sip on while in the Aquarium and no we didn’t buy anything from the gift shop!

All in all it was a good day out, i think his initial reaction when he opened the envelope was a bit like a deflating balloon. He was probably hoping for something different to what he had done before, so i am hoping the other months don’t disappoint…although i am a firm believer in being thankful for what you are given.

Morrison’s Munching Bunch!!

Thanks for reading


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