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It can be the most exciting or daunting time for you mummy!
Which ever you choose Spoon Fed or Baby Led weaning its all new and lots to do, including a lot of mess – be prepared!
If your like me and your heart skips a beat when food goes flying across the room…I got you!!

The guidelines are to start at 6 months (or when baby is able to sit by themselves) and encourage baby led weaning. My weaning post is my personal experience and may not work for everyone!

With both our boys having horrible reflux (and pure hangry hunger in Number 2!) we started earlier than 6 months.

With our first we introduced baby porridge and vegetables around mid morning everyday and built this up to fruit and then mixed these together. Once he was used to all different flavours we gave him porridge for breakfast and puree for lunch with added finger foods.
Once he was 6 months I felt he had to follow the BLW which was really big at the time and I went full Baby Led Weaning (BLW). I found it difficult but he soon picked it up and i didn’t want to go backwards on mashed or pureed food and he loved trying new foods. Once we were more comfortable with finger foods i introduce tea (dinner) with similar foods and by the time he was 10-12 months he was pretty much eating everything (except the foods recommended to avoid – Not to Drink Cows Milk and Eat Shellfish or Honey)

With our second we started with baby porridge every morning, as he was refusing the morning bottle. After a month we then introduced vegetables and fruit at lunch time every day. He let me know he wanted to hold on to the spoon and so i started to encourage finger foods alongside his mashed food meal.
The puree became too thin for him he wanted substance (he is much bigger than my eldest was at this age – because my eldest was always tiny!) and a mashed consistency is what he prefers. A month into lunch meals we introduced tea (dinner) and he just loves eating his three meals with us.
Although he loves to have a good go at finger foods now, unlike our eldest, at first he wouldn’t have choose this over mashed food, as he had a horrid gag reflex! (really it was a gross sight of vomit each feed when we started – because he just shoved it in!!)

My point here both our boys both were introduced foods the same way, around the same age and both reacted completely different…No two babies are the same – No size fits all i’m afraid!!
Don’t feel pressured to do what is out of you and your babies comfort zone, if baby is hangry and wants food NOW NOW NOW, finger foods take time don’t worry have both type foods on hand and go for what is right at that time. My second prefers to explore finger foods after his meal before his fruit. I give him mashed vegetables with or without meat or fish and puree fruit afterwards, in between he has both fruit and vegetable finger foods. We are now introducing meat and fish as finger foods.

We have also introduced wafers, rice cakes and baby crisps which occupy him and help him learn the skills and muscles he will use to feed himself.

One note i’d like to make and may not be something everyone has experienced – our eldest loved finger foods so much he will still try and choose this way of eating over cutlery and he is 5…. blinking 5 and trying to eat most foods with his hands! Not exactly something i want if we eat in public, however i think this is because i dropped the spoon fed way when he became comfortable and confident with finger foods. I did introduce baby forks later on, which he does use but he has always preferred his hands.
I hope to keep cutlery a big part of the babies weaning process and i hope he isn’t eating with his fingers at 5!

If you would like to join our weaning journey and to see our meals – either follow us here or follow us on instagram! @welshmaminglos

Jay Xx

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