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6 of our Weaning Meals

Here I decided to pop down 6 weaning meals we have had in the last week to show you how we roll!
We use “Mashed” foods, Puree’s and Finger foods, as our baby boy is into all three and it helps him learn all different skills, textures and flavours when eating.

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My apologies in advance for the many colourful Ikea bowls and slightly over exposed picture taking. We have a thing for bright colours so i’ve come to notice. 

Above a nice simple meal.
Mashed Broccoli, Carrot and Peas with a dash of milk.
Potato waffle copped into fingers and broccoli for finger foods.
Banana puree from a packet for after his meal, with a cup of water.

Above – Aubergine, carrots and parsnip mashed.
Carrot, Aubergine, Cucumber and Bread sticks for finger food fun.
I chopped the cucumber in both circles and sticks.
Banana pieces for after meal – *top tip, to break a banana don’t chop with a knife… Once peeled push finger or thumb on top of the banana and it will naturally split into 3. This makes it easy for baby to hold, as it does not go slimey. 

An family fav – Good ol’ simple Spag Bol!
Beef mince cooked in tinned tomatoes and Passata. (I drain the tinned tomatoes before adding) with a few Italian herbs. With cooked chopped spaghetti.
Also some in separate pots of un-chopped Spag Bol for finger food. With some Cucumber.
Water and a Blueberry puree packet for after meal.

I’m not telling you how to suck eggs… I promise!!
I think in the midst of weaning we forget or don’t realise our babies can eat some meals with us sometimes.
Here we shared Scrambled egg on toast. Just add a bit of milk to whisked eggs, pop in microwave while making toast and voila!!
Quick easy and thankfully my boy loves Eggs… He also likes a few beans added sometimes to!
Oh, He didn’t want the chopped version in his bowl he wanted to use his hands and eat mine.

Here he enjoyed Parsnips and Peas mashed with a fork with a bit of butter.
Some chopped Mango to encourage and continue with his finger foods.

Some Avocado on Toast!
Our 5 year old keeps asking if the baby can have avocado and become the avocado baby!
He was pleased to see his baby brother eating this.
I mashed the avocado and mixed in little bit of mayonnaise, finely grated cheddar cheese and to increase the flavour i added a table spoon of pineapple juice.
Spread on wholemeal toast and he loved every bit of it!
After he enjoyed a Purple fruit puree packet.

We have spoon foods on hand as our boy can get Hangry and want the food …Now!
Are you going through the fun times of Weaning?
Share your journey with us!!

Jay Xx

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