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Upcycling Dining Chairs

I love to upcycle where and when i can.
I love it even more if its an easy project, because I don’t want to get fed up half way through and never finish it!

As I have probably said a million times before (i’m obviously not over it!) When we had the baby we moved house at the same time and there were a few little projects I wanted to do to make it feel homely.
One being a very long overdue one (3 years infact!) to reupholster the dining room chairs.
I chose the easiest way i could think of and so If your thinking of a similar project, see what i did below.
3 years ago I bought a beautiful 1960’s dining table and chairs. It was the darkest brown and i stripped it back and made a random decision to paint them Red…Yes Red!!
The seats had the original old green leather on them, which had torn in places and the colour was fading. The padding was practically gone from being sat on so much over the years.

Got to Love a a bit of 1960’s furniture!

3 years on I finally decided to change the seat covers.
I decided to use a memory foam mattress topper that i cut to size for each seat, I then sprayed adhesive (left over from the carpet fitter) and sprayed the leather and stuck the foam onto the old seat.
I bought some lovely silver crushed velvet material off Ebay around ยฃ4.49 per meter and it is good quality for the money, I actually bought way too much of this.
I used an upholstery stapler, you can buy these cheap in hobby craft.

How i did it:
*I laid out the material upside down flat on the floor and put the seat foam down on the material.
*I cut the material with an inch spare around the seat and started to pull the material carefully at one corner and stapled. I did this all the way around the seat slowly, pulling the material tighter each time to prevent any gathering.
*I kept an eye on the corners to keep them neat and I decided to slightly fold the corners in.

Memory Foam on old seat cover ready to cover with Material.

Because I over bought when ordering the material and had loads left, I used some to reupholster our foot stool. I applied the same as above but i didn’t use any foam, as the foam on it was already in good condition.

Conveniently Photo Bombed by this curly haired 9 month old!!

In my mad moments of upcycling right after i gave birth (like who actually does that?)
I wanted to paint some old solid wooden chest of drawers and use them as a TV unit. Strangely my husband also decided to help me with the TV unit and He seems pretty good at spraying! See that upcycling project HERE

Just to Note: I decided to go for silver as i am changing the Red on the chairs to a different colour, currently undecided on exact colour. Our old kitchen had a few red pieces and the chairs looked perfect, however our dining room in this house is Grey, Cream and Duck egg, so the Red looks a bit out of place! Any suggestions on colour, please share.

Happy Upcycling!

Jay Xx

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