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Weaning meal ideas

Our little baby has just approached 10 months and with time flying by too fast and me returning to work just a few weeks away. I decided to scour books and the internet to put together some easy lunchtime meals for him to eat, keeping his nutrition and weaning skills on point!

I have put together a 4 week meal plan and some of these meals i make for both of us.
Over the last few weeks i decided to take pictures of a few of the meals to show you some examples (also see my instagram for some pictures i post)
I am no Wean In 15 pro but i find it helps to have a plan, it prevents me being a rabbit in the headlights with the weaning malarky!
I already use a 4 week meal plan for our tea time meals and so i tried to look what i was already buying to add in meals that would compliment them at lunch time. This saves us a few quid so i don’t have to buy too much.

Also i made a list of different vegetables and fruit to provide variety i buy 3 or 4 different types each week to see what he likes and if his taste buds have changed.

4 week meal plan

Week 1 –
Toasted shapes with Tuna and cheese spread or Egg mayonnaise spread.
Meat Patties and homemade fruit or vegetable relish
Scrambled egg and beans on toast
Twist on cauliflower cheese – Vegetable cheese bake. Add 2 or 3 other vegetables to the cauliflower cheese bake
Fish with orange sauce and boiled potatoes
Pulled meat and sweet potato wedges
Egg and vegetable Frittata

Fruits – Pineapple, Blueberries, Banana and Oranges

Week 2 –
Pizza toast shapes or pizza muffins
Egg Cups with vegetables (like an omelette but in a cupcake shape)
Potato cake with beans
Fish and cous cous
Baby Beef Burgers with tomato and cheese
Baked potato with homous filling
Meaty Risotto

Fruits – Apple, Raspberries, Mango and Nectarines

Week 3 –
Mini Quiche with vegetables
Tuna tortilla melt
Mini sausage rolls with veggie pickle
Chicken pasta with vegetables
Cream Cheese Sandwiches and finger food snacks
Frozen Vegetable fingers and humous
Vegetable tarts

Fruits – Pear, Strawberries, Papaya and Kiwi

Week 4 –
Noodles with sugar snap peas, peppers and Chinese sauce
Fish Pie
Meat and sweet potato chips
Chicken Paella
Egg on toast
Bubble and Squeak
Pasta with cheese, peas and ham.

Fruits – Melon, Peach and Plum

I love this meal plan so much because its not literal, if i have ingredients for something else like – Banana and raspberries pancakes or Mackerel and Broccoli Pasta, then i can just make that instead! But most days i have a brain fart when it comes to having like 30 minutes to rustle up the baby something that needs to tick nutrition boxes. This way i know i have the ingredients because i would have bought them with my list. I have 4 weeks shopping lists for both lunch and tea meals, i did this to prevent us popping in the corner shop 5 times a week for a £2 item and spending £20!! We did this for far too long if i’m honest.

I hope the list has given you some ideas, i know how stressful weaning can be, especially in this day and age! If you spoon feed your kids wont know how to eat, if you finger feed they wont know how to use cutlery, don’t use plastic its bad, if you use bamboo your showing off, if you use a jar your kid will be obese, if you make your own your stuck up.
If we listen to it all we will go insane, so lets just muddle trough it all together in the best way we know how!!

Have fun weaning… enjoy what you can. Food on the floor, or on their head – up their nose, in their hair… its all normal dont worry about it! They may like it today and hate it tomorrow, they may like the taste of broccoli but hate the look of it (mash it up in something else!)

Jay Xx

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