Family Life

I am back!

Hiya Lovies…
I am currently sat here with a wine in hand, watching random TV – I have somehow managed to watch Naked Attraction and i didn’t know the kids had put on Audio Description HaHaHa… I’ve scoffed down a Chinese and I am actually catching up on everything I planned on blogging and did not.
Yes to most I wasn’t even away and yes I was not here long enough to go away!
Long story short… In the whirlwind of the baby, mat leave, our 5 year old starting school and daily life, there were times I was overwhelmed. This 1 to 2 sh*t is seriously hard!!!

I wanted to blog but during the overwhelmed phase(s) I did not even find time for ass to meet seat! Time has quite literally flown passed my face and its now that time I am going back to work. I have kept on writing parts of posts in my drafts, storing pictures of everything I wanted to blog about and trying to keep active on my socials.

If I am quiet here, I don’t want to be and if you like my blog please check out my social accounts, as I am active on them but they need friendships!!

So welcome back to me … lets hope I practice what I preach and keep up this blog,
as I loves it!!

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