About Me

Hiya, I’m Jayme. I live in Gloucestershire and i’m originally from South Wales, we settled in Gloucestershire in 2015. My husband Daniel is from Birmingham, we met in 2007 in Cardiff on a night out (We were both mad drunk …those were the days where clubbing was at least 3 nights a week!!) After 18 months in a distant relationship we moved in together in the West Midlands. When Mr.Mole was 2, I think I had sent myself insane living 2 hours away from my home, my mum – Wales. Hence we moved to Gloucestershire, an hour away from both families.

We now have two beautiful boys – Mr.Mole 5 and Mr.Win only 6 months. At home they both have rather long nicknames. It’s funny really, we wanted to give them short names to prevent people giving them shortened nicknames…yet somehow we managed to give them really long nicknames which have stuck with all our family and friends… Classic!

Well, now we are up late at night for totally different reasons! Many a night feeds I have sat and googled so many random things, I honestly thought I was nuts! I would look at all the Insta perfect mum’s and wondered how they had time in the morning to have picture perfect makeup and where did they find the time to take such perfect selfies, while having beautifully spoilt children and babies who looked like they never cried?

I have longed for conversations with mum’s like me, winging it, not over stretching the budget for the kids and not air brushing it all for the net.

My mum and Dan both said I should start a blog or vlog!?… and here I am, wanting to share our life and the real ups and downs of our life. So when you are up on a night feed or having a 5 minute breather you can have a read of normality, reality and hopefully a few lols