Cleaning Schedule
During the summer, the children are at home more and we understand the chaos.
Below we have provided a free pdf printable – a blank weekly cleaning schedule for you to use and print for free.
Go ahead – print it, fill it in and get using it!

We hope you enjoy organised weekly cleaning, as much as we do!

Summer Holidays are Here!!
Most of us parents have mixed feelings on this, you could find it exciting and fun or your dreading it, finding it stressful and added pressure… or like us it’s all those feelings together.

Either way we always find a slight bit of organisation at the start can help heaps on those days where you are tired and you may have run out of ideas! Especially if you are having to manage around a work schedule.

We have created a few templates to help you.
Two are blank, why two? Because we know everyone’s taste is different, one is more formal, the block design. The other is more of relaxed, the beach design.
We have also included an additional beach design with ideas on it!!

Go have fun and enjoy those Summer Holidays… Create those childhood moments that will be forever in your child’s memories!